About Us

My name is John Dickey, a water specialist with expertise in hard water treatment, softening hard water, and water softener systems. I’m the proud founder of Watersoftenerblackfriday.com where I help people find the perfect solution for their water needs!

With over a decade of experience in water conditioning, I know what it takes to make sure that everyone has access to clean, safe drinking water. I’m passionate about helping others understand how important fresh and pure water is to our everyday lives and doing my part by creating solutions tailored for each family and business.

Watersoftenerblackfriday.com is dedicated to helping people find the best deals on water softeners on Black Friday and beyond, allowing them to save money while benefiting from improved quality of life.

We strive to provide good quality products at an affordable price to help make life easier for our customers. Our mission is to empower families and businesses with access to clean, safe, and better-tasting water by providing discount pricing opportunities that save them money.

Our vision is to become our readers’ preferred source of information when it comes to purchasing water-softening systems.